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This is where you can find my Bones fanfic:  2bbornot2bb.  I'd love to hear what you think.
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Sorry I missed the actual day - hope you had a fantastic birthday! :D
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Dreamwidth spoke with forked tongue and told me it was [personal profile] fauxmaven's birthday today so I made her a little celebratory gif ... only I'm about 6 months too early - whoops!

Spent too long on it to waste it - and FM gave me the okay to post it anyway - she's a good sport!!    ♥

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I love living in Tasmania, but I'm a Sydney girl at heart, and there's nothing else like the fireworks in Sydney on New Year's Eve - at least I got to watch it on the telly!

I haven't been online for a while as one of my Christmas presents from my husband was changing our bedroom to a different room so that the room we had been using could be converted into a sunroom/sitting room ... so we've spent the last few days unpacking and repacking, hoisting bookshelves and beds up and down stairs. It's still pretty much chaos here, but our lovely new bedroom just needs a coat of paint to be perfect. It's tiny (which is why we didn't move in there from the start - just enough room for the bed and one bedside table) but the view is spectacular and there's a little Romeo and Juliet balcony off it that we've never really used. Bliss! To clear the space I had to move the desktop PC up into the funny little loft that sort of hangs off it and I managed to completely stuff the wireless network and I've only just now got it working again - guh!!! I'm so happy to be back onine!!!  I also managed to drop the bed on my foot when we were reassembling it. Oops. The subsequent bruise has inspired me regarding the colour we're going to paint - only half joking - I'd already picked a luscious sort of purply grey thundercloudy tone for that room - LOL!  Getting a builder in next week to quote for some in built cupboards in our new leisure space.  Squee!

Hope 2012 is everything you could wish for! ♥

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Have a great day! :)

[Okay, still playing with gifs, but I thought this might be fun.  Hope it loads okay. *gnaws fingernails*]

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I jumped on it! This is me at Dreamwidth. Please come say hello, add me ... whatever it is you do over here. 

In other news, I had a lung function test this morning and survived. Well, nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus function test.  All good, just wanted to use that line. :)
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I came across these videos from Open University which amused me -- I thought I'd share a couple, just for fun (yeah, I know I've probably got a weird sense of fun, but language and words have always fascinated me).  They're from a series called "The History of English in Ten Minutes":

The (amateur) musical I'm in is coming to an end - four more performances (two on Saturday - good grief!), then its over.  I don't know whether to laugh or cry - it's been an absolutely hilarious ride, but exhausting and stressful, but I'm so glad I pushed past my fears and put myself out there.

Hope everyone is goodly! ♥
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I think I'm turning into a cynic -- doesn't seem that long ago that I would get uber-excited when the fake santas and sparkly decorations started being overlaid on regular TV ads because I knew the real thing was on its way.  *le sigh*  It feels waaaay too soon to start Christmas sales!!!  Has christmassy advertising taken over on your TV screens yet?

I give you the dulcet tones of Alan Rickman (who I have been secretly in love with since Truly, Madly, Deeply) to salve any other pre-Christmas-ravaged souls out there.

Embed not working, so you'll have to clicky linky:  call off christmas

In other news, the carbon tax just made it through the senate here ... now, if we can just convince the rest of the world!
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My husband went out to his first fire call of the season (it's Spring here and the temps are really hotting up) so I needed to distract myself.  I came across "Inanimate Alice".  Anyone else seen this concept?   Inanimate Alice is transmedia - designed from the outset as a story that unfolds over time and on multiple platforms, aimed at late primary aged kids and upwards to develop literacy skills ... that said, it's also on the reading list for a first-year composition course at UC Berkeley.  I have to admit I've just spent an interesting hour or two exploring (reading? watching? playing?) each of the interactive stories and they were heaps of fun (if a bit edgy and dark - they all involve danger and suspense of some kind, so they're not for the littlies!).  I hadn't come across the concept before, but I was very impressed.

Inanimate Alice 

[Just got a call from my honey - he's back at the fire shed, safe and sound.  Be home once they've cleaned up and refilled the tanker.  I can breathe again.  :)]
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I really hesitated before putting this on LJ, but part of the undertaking of the International Heroes of Hope program is getting the message out ... so here it is.  This is me.


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Signed up for Project Gutenberg the other day ... wish me luck! I'm loving it - I'm only on level P1 of course (baby steps!), and the book I'm working on is very sweet and straightforward, so it's not too stressful!!

Anyone else out there doing anything like?
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my entry in this year's Hobart Doll Show which was held last weekend. :D LJ's being screwy again, so hopefully this cut will work ...

... she's a real doll )
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The Australian Government has finally made a stand on climate change and has just announced a carbon tax. 


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Comment with "Hit me, Meegs!"
• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

(cathmarchr's questions and my answers under the cut) )


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