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I love living in Tasmania, but I'm a Sydney girl at heart, and there's nothing else like the fireworks in Sydney on New Year's Eve - at least I got to watch it on the telly!

I haven't been online for a while as one of my Christmas presents from my husband was changing our bedroom to a different room so that the room we had been using could be converted into a sunroom/sitting room ... so we've spent the last few days unpacking and repacking, hoisting bookshelves and beds up and down stairs. It's still pretty much chaos here, but our lovely new bedroom just needs a coat of paint to be perfect. It's tiny (which is why we didn't move in there from the start - just enough room for the bed and one bedside table) but the view is spectacular and there's a little Romeo and Juliet balcony off it that we've never really used. Bliss! To clear the space I had to move the desktop PC up into the funny little loft that sort of hangs off it and I managed to completely stuff the wireless network and I've only just now got it working again - guh!!! I'm so happy to be back onine!!!  I also managed to drop the bed on my foot when we were reassembling it. Oops. The subsequent bruise has inspired me regarding the colour we're going to paint - only half joking - I'd already picked a luscious sort of purply grey thundercloudy tone for that room - LOL!  Getting a builder in next week to quote for some in built cupboards in our new leisure space.  Squee!

Hope 2012 is everything you could wish for! ♥


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