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This is where you can find my Bones fanfic:  2bbornot2bb.  I'd love to hear what you think.
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Kathy Reichs on Bones and being a Forensic Anthropologist ... from New Zealand (just across the ditch from me).  Gotta love that newsreader's accent!  :)

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Does it always feel this sad to finish a story or am I just suffering some sort of post finale malaise?  Finally put MM to bed, and now there's a hole where there used to be a story ... will have to fill it with something, just not yet.

Wendy Matthews is making me cry, but that's okay. 

Have developed a fangirl crush on adangeli's fanfic.  Her writing's too close to the bone ... it hurts.  Ha, just made a funny. 

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Why am I wandering around the house starting things, leaving them, unfocused, moving on to half do something else?  A TV show.  Yes, it's very sad.  And utterly addling, amazing, astonishing, baffling, beclouding, bedevilling, befuddling, bemusing, complicating, confounding, dazing, demoralizing, discomfiting, discomposing, disconcerting, discountenancing, disorienting, distracting, embarassing, fazing, flustering, mystifying, nonplussing, perplexing, perturbing, puzzling, rattling, unhingeing, unsettling, upsetting and worrying!

Am wondering what it says about me ... still wandering and wondering.
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A few months ago I stumbled across a site that blew me away ... FanFiction.net.  I didn't even know that anything like that existed, and - as I say in my profile there ...

"I tend not to take life or myself too seriously but I like to do things as well as I'm able. I tend to make up stupid words just for fun. I can be a bit cavalier with the facts in my impatience to get the words written; sometimes I don't use enough words and sometimes I use too many, and when I found this site I felt like I had come home."

I really did feel like I'd "come home", like someone had looked into my head and thought "How can I make Megan really, really happy?  I know, I'll invent FanFiction.net!"  Corny, eh?  I had all these words scootling around in my head that I didn't know what to do with.  I've been writing on and off for a long time (mostly off to be honest), but I've never finished anything.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  Zero.  Oh, thirty or forty poems, several hundred limericks (most of them filthy and in very poor taste.  I used to have a bit of a rep for writing limericks.  People I barely knew used to come to me and ask me to write a limerick for their brother, uncle, sister, next door neighbour's dog, whatever.  I darn near wore my limerick finger out.  But I digress.)

FF really empowered me in my writing; I've always found characterisations difficult.  Now, into this Land of the Constipated Writer came a little television show calles "Bones".  Sigh.  I love this show.  I really do.  I've never been an Eff Ayy Enn before.  Well, not mainstream stuff anyway.  I generally like things that are edgy and different.  But never mainstream.  See, everything happens eventually. 

And all of a sudden I could take all of those lovely, fully formed characters out and play with them.  Make them do what I wanted them to do.  Yay!  And I've had a BALL!  And the words just flowed.  Thanks, FF, for unlocking that for me.  *major big happy sloppy smiley face"  BTW, my status as 'fan' still mystifies me, but that's a subject for another day.  Oh, and I learned a new word when I started on FF.  "Squee".  I love that word.  It's onomatopoeic really.  Say it with a big grin on your face and you'll know how I feel when a new ep of Bones is due.

If you'd like to see what I've written you can go here!  If I ever work out how to put them here on LJ you'll be the first to know!

If you do have a look, leave a review, will you?  It's a real kick to think someone has read your story and thought enough of it to click the little review button and leave a few words.  Food for a starving writer's soul.

Just have to mention tangentially that I'm listening to John Butler Trio "Better Than" ... great song from a local.  I'm actually typing in sync.  Sort of.  Syncopated would be more accurate.  I'm also watching Hungry Beast.  But maybe you have to be Australian to appreciate the humour.  It cracks me up.

That's it.  End of rant.  For now.  Have a good one!  :D



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